Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reasons We Need a Smartphone

My husband and I just might be the only two people on planet earth who still are not the proud owners of a smartphone. When finally we do get them, something better (possibly the smarter phone) will most likely be released and we'll be left in the dust once again. Until then, I keep dreaming of all the uses for my non existent smartphone. Obviously I have navigated life perfectly fine without a smartphone thus far, but for convenience reasons my husband and I really do need them. Do you see where this is going?

Here are some reasons
why I we need a smartphone:
{ my husband's list would be different than mine...
he would have more weather related and pilot-y things I'm sure }

{ whoa, this photo is old school }

Musical Curiosities:

Take for instance a couple nights ago, my husband and I heard a song we liked on the television and simultaneously asked "who sings that?". We typically try and remember some lyrics to 'google' in an attempt to find the artist name or song.

Oh Shazam, how you would take the guesswork out of learning artists and song titles. We could use you in a grocery store, elevator (depending on our service provider), at a baseball game (that would have come in handy last week), or in the car whenever a new song plays. The opportunities to learn new artists and songs would be endless. Until we got sick of you and downloaded some fun new app. Then we might forget all about you.

Starbucks and Chik-Fil-A Curiosities:

Oh nonexistent smartphone, you would have been invaluable on our cross-country road trip last year. There were times when I feared I may never see a Starbucks ever again. Clearly I had plunged into a dangerous haze induced by lack of strong coffee.

iExit Interstate Exit Guide would have helped us find the closest Starbucks, and I may have become slightly less crazed had I known when to anticipate my next cup of tasty coffee. Not to mention, the endless number of times I've craved Chik-Fil-A as soon as we get in the car for a short road trip. iExit, you would help keep me more calm during road trips.... I need you.

{ clearly this is a mirror shot, hence the "nonaC" camera }

Photographic Tendencies:

Boy do I remember the heydays of the film camera. It was sort of like the days before the smartphone. I often took 5 rolls of film and got 5 great photos. What am amateur! Thank goodness I have a digital camera now. They're much easier on the wallet when it comes to not spending on film and developing.

*Segue* Instagram. I need you. I want to endlessly snap photos of pretty things all around me, make them prettier with your neat-o filters, and I want to share my pictures with people all around the world. Thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I cannot believe my husband and I are still willingly living in the days before the smartphone. Some day I'm sure we'll each have a smartphone, but I never want to become one of those people who is glued to their phone 24/7. It will be difficult for that first week I'm sure. Like a child with a new toy, I'll probably be excited over ever nook and cranny of my new smart phone. The novelty always wears off though, right? Or will I be a smartphone addict? I hope not. Are you someone who happens to be addicted to using your smartphone? What are you favorite apps or smartphone features? Obviously I already have some favorites. Now I'm just waiting for that perfect iPhone to fall into my lap.

Hello apple. If you would like to send my husband and I free iPhones, we would not be opposed to that. I'm just saying. Or if you're someone who would like to help a young married couple be more "hip", you can email me with details. I kid.... sort of.

Do you remember life before the smartphone? Has life now changed for the better, or do you feel even more obligated to stayed plugged-in? What is your favorite escape (turn off the phone, vacation, etc.) from technology?


  1. We don't have iPhones either. Mostly because we don't want them. It drive me nuts when my family members are messing with their phones while we are all together at dinner or a birthday party. I don't want to be obsessed....or become that accessible! :) I'm the oldest 30-something I know. hehe

  2. Hahaha girl you need an iPhone stat! I've had one since '09, and I love it. I'm on instagram and twitter all the time. And, I love all the photo editing apps too, photoshop express, photobucket, snap seed and idarkroom. Brandon loves for the weather related apps out there and he's even found some agriculture related apps for farming. How cool is that?! Time to upgrade, pretty girl! :)

    Happy Tuesday, Ashley!

  3. I wish we didn't have smart phones because our phone bill is just so much more! We were totally surviving before the smart phones... but now? I could NEVER go back. So I just wish we had waited longer, ha ha.
    If you are wanting to take lots of pictures with your phone be sure to research. iPhones take amazing pictures... but we have droids and the camera SUCKS! So we'll definitely be getting the iPhone when it's upgrading time!

  4. I spent two weeks in Brazil without my smartphone and that was no way to live. I've considered downgrading to a non-smartphone, because I'm so addicted to it, but ended up getting the iPhone 4S instead! I'm working on being less addicted!

  5. I give you so much credit, seriously. I recently switched to smartphone, but if you are ever on a roadtrip and need to find the nearest starbucks you can text google and they text you back with a web listing/contact info. I used to use this ALL the time when I did not have a smart phone. The number to text them is google spelled out. I think it is 466453 :)) BTW, I started a new blog and shut down my old one. I hope you'll connect with me over there too! ~aimee @ www.elitewithoutwheat.blogspot.com

  6. Found your blog via my blog link to "Daddy Daddy Come Back!"
    Haha you def. need a smartphone! I'd be lost without my iPhone. And your hubby would definitely love the Aviation apps out there--esp. the real-time weather radar apps...hey, it's a write-off that way, lol!
    Eric (capnaux)

  7. Oh girl, I can so help you with this list. Think of the money you can save by using coupon apps! You can be more efficient with e-mail! The maps/directions/where is the closest Starbucks is invaluable- plus you're still sort of new to Florida! Recipes. Movie times on the go. Pandora. I even have an app that's a level for when I hang pictures!

    I am a product of my iPhone husband (I was all "I don't need those things") and a while ago we thought about saving money and going back to a non-data phone.
    We walked out of AT&T pretty much hugging our iPhones...

  8. Hi! New follower here :)

    I totally know how you are feeling, it's only been about a year since I started riding the smart-phone train and it seriously changed my life HAHA

  9. Haha, yet again, I think we were separated at birth. Please refer to http://likeordinarylife.com/post/24506545642/a-smart-world (written back in June, also!)

    I'm pretty hooked. It's terrible... but Alex still has a "dumb phone".