Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Exciting Weekend Plans

I have some very exciting weekend plans in store.

Feet up... Harry Potter movies... popcorn.

Don't judge me.

I'm pretty sure my husband is embarrassed to check out at Blockbuster with a Harry Potter movie in hand. It's slightly entertaining watching him squirm over my nerdy choice in movies. As soon as the clerk rang up these two gems, my husband promptly took them and handed them right over to me. Heaven forbid someone saw him carrying a Harry Potter movie. They might think he's the nerd in this relationship.

maybe we are just two nerds in a pod...

Thank goodness my husband is flying this afternoon, because now I have all day to sit and watch movies. Maybe when he gets home I'll try and force talk him into watching the fifth or sixth movie with me. Yeah right. Like that will ever happen.

I know I'm excited about my weekend plans.

What are you plans for this weekend?


  1. Haha y'all are too cute!! Brandon actually liked all the movies. He actually made us sit through the last one (part 2) together ha! Hope you have a great weekend relaxing with your feet up :)


  2. haha, my husband is away for 2 weeks and I TOTALLY thought "time for some Harry Potter"! Enjoy!