Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Mini Vacation to Orlando

Not long ago my husband went to Orlando for work, and I tagged along. We found a cheap hotel room on Priceline, and it was like our own little mini vacation. We even used the hotel pool, which ended up being surprisingly nice and relaxing. All in all we had a nice little getaway from our everyday normal people lives.

{ window reflection self portrait }

During our little getaway to Orlando, we spent an afternoon/evening at Universal's CityWalk. We sipped margaritas at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville outside tiki bar, and we rocked with the best of them at the world's largest Hard Rock Cafe. Okay maybe we didn't rock, but we did eat some rather tasty burgers. Does that count?

After enjoying our time at CityWalk, there is something we did not get do at Universal Orlando. Two words. Harry. Potter. We've lived in Florida for just over a year now, and I still have not been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I know! "What's holding us back?" you might ask. Well the almost $80/day ticket for park admission has something to do with it. That and our lack of budgeting skills. Obviously we need to work amusement parks into our monthly budget, and hopefully after a couple months years of saving we can go. I'm lobbying for more amusement park budget as I write this. We probably won't even live in Florida by the time we save enough money to go. Gosh, I'm really starting to sound bitter about this huh? Anyway. What I'm trying to say is that I'd really love to spend a day at Universal's Islands of Adventure. All a girl wants is a butter beer and a ride on a Hippogriff. Seriously. I don't think I ask for much.

We did manage to visit a store that had a large Harry Potter section full of all sorts of goodies. I should have at least walked away with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. What was I thinking?! Oh well... that will have to wait for another day I suppose. Someone did seem to take interest in the broomsticks though, so maybe convincing my husband to take me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter won't be so difficult after all. Hmmm.

{ I see a wizard in the making... no? }

Here are some more photos
from our visit to Universal's CityWalk:

Have you ever visited Universal Studios or
the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?


  1. I'd love to visit Orlando! I've never been :(

  2. Ummmm, YES! Amusement parks definitely need to be worked into your monthly budget! Especially since you live in Florida :)
    I'm so glad you guys had a mini vacation! It sounds like you had an amazing time!

  3. I love Universal's Islands of Adventure. And yes, Harry Potter is worth every penny! It is absolutely amazing. A few years ago I went with my best friend and took my niece and it was one of the best days of my life.

    I do recomment the 'fast' pass deals to actually be able to enjoy the park. Yes, more $ but you'll spend your time on the rides instead of waiting in line and isn't that the point? They have a calendar that has the days with all the different prices so you can pick a cheaper day too!

  4. This is so fun. My husband travels for his job, but not that often. It's nice to know other wifeys tail along too :)

  5. So I'm not a big Universal Park fan, we went to Harry Potter and I didn't think it was worth the time I spent in line (hours) or the $$. I LOVE Citywalk mostly Margaritaville and of course the Hemisphere Dancer!! We ended up getting season passes to Disneyworld (which are super $$ since we don't live instate) but if you live in state and go I think 3-4 times during the year they pay for themselves! We will actually be down there for a few days in July and again in November (maybe more dh just went to SFB because the lines in FLL were a nightmare) so maybe we can get together then :)

  6. What a fun little vaca! I wish I could go also! How fun that would be! I'm glad you are back (writing posts)! I haven't posted on mine since March and October before that. It's hard to every other day, or once a week. I don't have it in me. =) Loved the last few posts.

  7. Hi Ashley,

    It looks like you had a great time on vacation! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Best wishes, Alex.

  8. Universal's a blast, and for me, seeing the Hemisphere Dancer at Margaritaville was almost a "pilgrimage to Mecca" for me (and your husband as well, I'm sure, lol!)
    Eric (capnaux)