Monday, April 23, 2012

Arm Candy. Yum Yum!

Today I'm sharing some tasty new candy.... of the arm variety.

These cute little cuff bracelets instantly caught my eye,
so I scooped them up before they have the chance to sell out.
I may have overreacted, but you can never be too careful when you see something you love!

{ remember the lesson learned from these shoes... they're actually back in stock now though }

bracelets: anthropologie

Rarely do I buy multiples of things, but all the colors of this bracelet were gorgeous. They look great on your arm alone, but they stack very nicely too! Not to mention, the blue and orange will be perfect to wear in support of my favorite NFL football team. Go Broncos! (:

I see some arm parties happening in the near future....


  1. I'm loving the mint green one!! And all three together are perfect. Love even more that they're gold too!!

    I might just have to go get these for myself! :) :)

    Hope you had a great weekend, Ashley!