Friday, April 13, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress(es)

I wanted to share some of the dresses that I
tried on during my wedding dress search.

There are so many gorgeous dresses out there, and I had the pleasure of trying on some very beautiful ones. It's always fun playing dress up, so I hope you'll enjoy these photos!

Maybe I'll eventually get around to sharing some of our actual wedding day photos,
but chronologically the dress search comes before a wedding anyways, right? (:

tip from the past bride (that would be me):
{ give yourself plenty of time when searching
for the perfect wedding dress! }
giving yourself 8 months or more is not a bad idea.

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Here are some of the dresses I tried
but obviously did not end up with....

I tried the following dresses on at Anna Bé bridal boutique in Denver.
It was such a beautiful place to try on wedding dresses,
and their gorgeous mirrors, free champagne, and natural light didn't hurt.

{ this was one of my favorite dresses while searching for dresses online
before actually trying any on in a boutique }

This next dress was actually the first dress I tried on, and I loved it right away.
It had a sweetheart neckline that I wanted, it was fitted through the torso, and it had a dropped waist.

The bottom zipped off to make a fun short dress for your reception. We dressed it up
with a cute green sash and crystal belt on top to give it a little personality.

It was strange falling for the very first dress that I tried on, but I continued trying more dresses.
I tried a few that I did not love as much.

{ these ruffles are adorable, but still not exactly me }

They "clamp you into" the dresses if the sample dress is too big, and I'm sure that it took a few inches off my waistline in the process. It's nice to feel skinny while trying on possible future wedding dresses. I think the salesgirl knew exactly what she was doing. ;)

{ this one was nice, but it did not suit my personality as well as others }

After trying a few different styles and fits, you really start to hone in on exactly what types you love.
I fell for the cute sweetheart neckline, a dropped waist, and ruched material.

Then it happened....

{ I tried on this dress, and I did not want to take it off.... I wanted to wear it home }

Had we had the money and time for it to arrive in my size, I would have chose that dress!
It was gorgeous. It felt nice. It made me feel beautiful, and I just loved it.

Don't get me wrong... I loved the dress I ended up with (which I will share photos of later),
but I absolutely fell for that dress I tried at Anna Bé.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I almost want to try on wedding dresses again just for fun. Is that allowed?
Did you end up with the wedding dress you wanted?

I hope to share wedding photos sometime in the near future. It has been a couple of years after all. (:


  1. I ended up buying the very first one I tried on! I was so overwhelmed by the choices but when I put that first one on, it was magic! I tried on a couple more just to make sure but all I wanted to do was get back into the first one! And I love the dress you picked....simple but stunning and classy. :)

  2. My sister found her dress the first place we looked at!!!

    The last one, the one you chose is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see more wedding pictures :)

  3. it's so crazy to see you at anna be, where I worked, and you tried on some of my favorites! The neckline on the last, fave dress was always the most unique and beautiful I thought :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. My dress was not really anything like I imagined it would be, and it ended up being something I never normally would have picked off the rack. We were at the dress shop and my mom said, "do you mind if I pick out one for you to try?" And since I didn't care, I said "sure."

    Do you know that her choice was the one we ordered that day? I didn't lose my mind over it, but honestly, I didn't have to because once my mom's tears started aflowin', I was satisfied. I didn't have to have a magical "the dress" feeling, because we were already pushing the limit on ordering times, but I liked it because it fit, it was pretty, flattering, and my mom loved it. And really, my mom always knows what looks awesome on me.

    Looking forward to your actual dress!

  5. Ah! I love all of those! It must have been so hard to choose!

    When I found the right one, I just KNEW

  6. These are all so gorgeous! Great taste! And yes, you can totally try on dresses again. Married people renew their vows all the time and buy wedding dresses all over again. So I vote YES! :)

  7. I'll go with you!! I'd love to try on wedding dresses again! When I went to try on dressed I had SOOO many people with me. We took up half of the store ha! My wedding dress was the third dress I tried on. I loved it, and just knew it was the one. I felt beautiful in it, but I also felt I could get down and party like a rockstar in it too ;)

    I can't wait to see the dress you ended up picking!!

    Hope you're doing well Ashley! Sure do miss you :)