Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Leopard Shoe Dilemma

Do you remember this recent blog post about some things I've been wanting pretty badly? There is an amazing pair of leopard print shoes on Delia*s website that I'd been eyeing ever since I saw them on another blog. They even ended up on my Pinterest style board, and I could not stop obsessing over having them in my closet. I rarely ever get this excited over a piece of clothing or pair of shoes.

One day I was checking stalking these shoes and thinking about just putting them on my credit card. {Dave Ramsey please don't be mad at me} I noticed that they were on back order for a date of April 9th. I thought "well that's not too bad". I suppose if I order them it won't be too long before they'll ship. Wrong! A few days later, to my absolute horror, I discovered they were back ordered until May 9th! My jaw hit the computer desk, and I hightailed it to the bedroom to grab my credit card. I didn't really think, which is always a good thing to do before using your credit card to purchase something you clearly don't need, and I ordered these babies before they could be on back order until June! No way was I going all summer without them. Summer in Florida is bad enough, and there is no way I would survive a hellacious another summer in the Sunshine state without these puppies on my feet. I mean a sweaty and red face doesn't exactly look good on anyone. It's clear I am not made for hot and humid, but maybe with some leopard print Sperry sneakers on my feet it will be easier to tolerate. At least maybe I'll look put together from the knees down this summer.

Needless to say, after ordering these shoes I was a little worried that my husband would be disappointed that I used my credit card in this very desperate shoe crisis. I thought maybe I would let him know eventually, but it just flew out of my mouth while eating dinner one night... "I ordered those shoes!" He knew the ones. I'd been talking about them for weeks. All he did was laugh. I said that I was sorry for using my credit card because I know we're trying to get out of debt, but I just couldn't stand the thought of letting these shoes out of my virtual grasp!
I told my husband that I might die if for some reason the shoes run out of stock before they ship my order. He definitely did not understand that, but that's okay. I don't always understand the importance of having the "best landing ever" while at work, so we're even. I also encouraged him to go ahead and charge some new navy blue work pants to his credit card, so now we're really even. We both got something that we needed.


  1. OH MY GOSH! Those babies are beautiful!!! Not to encourage credit card spending.....but well played ;)

  2. It must be shopping season! I just bought a bunch of stuff to wear in FL! Plus it's almost April 11th :) Did his work pants bite the dust too? Nothing funnier than John coming home and wearing his jacket, when I asked him he said "I can't take it off!" Hahaha anyway enjoy your new shoes that look amazing!

  3. Those are so cute! Definitely worth the credit card purchase. Sometimes you just need that perfect pair of shoes ;)


  4. hahaha! This totally sounds like something I would do. I think my hubby fears me blurting out about my credit card spending (I'm not good at staying away from the AmEx.) ;) BUT I think they were definitely a good purchase! So cute!!

  5. I don't blame you Ashley! I'm pretty much a sucker for anything leopard print so I would have reacted the same way! There are just some things that husbands have to live with. Don't get between a girl and her must-have item. Things could get ugly! Lol! :)

  6. ok well now I'm just catching up, those shoes are adorable and I have no doubt you will wear them into the ground. I have a pair of cheetah flats and a pair of Sperrys that I wear constantly, I can only imagine what I would if the two were combined?!
    I think the guilt factor with the credit card shows a ton of responsibility as it is, I would feel the same way!