Friday, October 28, 2011

Sawgrass Lake Park

Two days ago we visited Sawgrass Lake Park which we found 'sandwiched' between some very busy roads and a large interstate to the east. We never would have known it was there, okay maybe we would have eventually found out about it, but thanks to our new Florida road trips book we enjoyed a lovely day among some wild "friends". That is if you count squirrels, alligators, and turtles as friends.

As if the humans that occupy Florida's most densely populated county aren't wild enough, we decided that a day wandering through 400 acres full of actual wildlife sounded like a good time. During our walk across 1.5 miles of boardwalk and dirt, we spotted multiple turtles and alligators, woodpeckers, spiders perched on giant webs, and we even saw a snake in the underside of some tree roots. Those are just a few of the creatures we spotted during our walk. We actually had a rather relaxing day spending time among wildlife. Who knew that wild could be so calming?

Sawgrass Lake Park is apparently one of the premier birding spots in the country. I can see myself becoming the binocular wielding, safari hat wearing kind some day. Something about birds and their seemingly simple lives keep me interested for hours. Every time we visit the beach or a park, I find myself spotting birds and attempting to identify them. Hey Santa, if you're listening, I could use a pair of binoculars this Christmas. Thanks. I'll consider myself more of an expert when I can identify the local birds without seeing them first.

Sawgrass Lake Park had plenty of offer in the wildlife department. Not to mention all of the plants and trees that formed canopies over our heads for the majority of our time there. For some reason though, I just cannot find myself getting as interested in the trees and I do the alligators and birds. Next time we visit Sawgrass Lake Park, I hope to be sporting a stylish pair of binoculars and possibly even a zoom lens for the dSLR camera. That second wish is a bit of a stretch, but I'm a dreamer.

I hope you enjoyed our photos from Florida!


  1. I need to go enjoy the good outdoors somewhere like this soon. It look lovely!

    I'm currently living in Seoul in South Korea. It takes over an hour just to drive out of the city and it's surrounds. There's a lot of things I love here but I also really miss undeveloped spaces like this and seeing wildlife.

    Unless you count mosquitoes, it must have been months since I last saw any! haha.

    Amelia <3

  2. It's amazing all the cool things that are in the world and we
    Get to experience through other bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Look at how neat this is!! What an awesome place to explore and see things that are not the every day norm!
    And I can NOT wait to see you become the binocular wielding, safari hat wearing kind some day! You'll be SO cute :)

  4. Please become a bird watcher. Haha! Awesome. That looks like such a fun day! I love stuff like that. Although the gators would have scared me....

  5. This is a place that my daughter and I would frequent often for little picnics :)

  6. I love your pics, but I'd be having nightmares about those alligators... :-(

    Happy weekend :)

  7. awesome! those gators are crazy! I think I would freak out to see WILD GATORS!!!!!!!!

    and p.s. please get binoculars and wear a safari hat. haha!