Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall in Florida

After all of my whining about how hot the temperatures have been here in Florida, October was ushered in by some lovely fall-ish weather. I suppose my definition of fall will change the longer we spend in Florida. We have welcomed this Florida fall weather with open arms!

The cooler temperatures make being outside somewhat tolerable, so obviously my husband and I took our day off of work together and made the best of it. Cooler temperatures really help with lugging around a camera bag while hoofing it through town. Seriously, no one wants to look like they just walked through a sprinkler while walking about the streets.

Some photos from our recent day trip to Mount Dora, Florida :

See... fall in Florida isn't that bad.

Come back in the next couple of days
to read more about our visit to Mount Dora!


  1. Oh a palm tree... how I miss those. I wouldn't mind being surrounded by some right now!

  2. I really hope I can get to FL this winter/early spring. I haven't been in years and your pictures make me want to go!

  3. I am loving the cooler weather that we are having in Florida right now.

    Isn't Mt. Dora the cutest little town? I spent a lot of time driving around there when I was a teenager. My BFF & I used to take her sister to the Theatre there for acting lessons, and we'd spend hours just driving around.

  4. FL sure is hot in summer but it is so gorgeous!

  5. The weather has been lovely here lately!

  6. Fall makes enjoying double digit days so easy. I'm happy to say goodbye to summer and those HOT triple digit days.

    Love that first picture of the palm tree!

  7. Oh gosh.

    how I love fall.

    it's raining right now. like.. real rain.

    I'm giddy.

  8. love your blog! Your photography is so great I love it :) and its interesing to see how Florida does autumn!! :)

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  9. You both took the day off to enjoy the day together???? HOW NICE! I haven't done that since I was a newlywed...Miss it! Lovely pics!

    Janette, the Jongleur