Thursday, January 27, 2011

Start With Yourself

This is probably not the most focused blog I've ever written, but I'm sharing it anyways. I have a lot running through my mind at the moment... so that's probably how this blog is going to 'sound'. Bear with me.

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After watching the State of the Union (let's call it the SU for short) address this week, I couldn't help but feel at least a little hopeful at a few of the things that Obama said. I'm not one to get really involved in politics, because, quite honestly, I find the division of people into two very different groupings (Repubs vs. Dems) to be incredibly discouraging. However, there were glimmers of good (like there are in pretty much everything) in some of the things that our president spoke of in his speech. I hope maybe you picked up on something that sounded good to you too!

In the SU address, I heard a common thread of holding ourselves accountable. (Or am I crazy? Did anyone else hear that?) He talked about how parents have to do their jobs in order for teachers to better be able to do their jobs, and he also mentioned some incredibly amazing people and what they have done to stay relevant, and even thrive, in this turbulent (hey, there's an aviation reference) economy. Honestly, some of what he said in the SU made me want to be a better person. (Not that I didn't want to be a good person before, but this served as a reminder) I think that if everyone tried to be a little bit better at something that it would make a huge impact on the world. (maybe I'm crazy optimistic, but I like it that way!) I feel like in order to make a difference, I need to start with myself. Honestly if you aren't happy with yourself... why would you be happy with anyone or anything else?! Instead of complaining about what politicians are doing wrong (I mean hey they're human too... aka not perfect), I hope to see what is going right instead. We really are accountable for our own happiness and success in life. When we get it ourselves, then we can share it with others.

I really hope to do my best to give to this world. Whether it be to give my gifts (which I'm working on figuring out), my time, anything really. The SU address really shook me up a bit, and it made me realize that I have this life to live... and if I don't live it, then it's my fault. It's not the governments fault... or my parents fault... or my friends fault. Hold yourself accountable to be the best person that you can, and don't let anyone tell you differently. If I know anything, it's that happiness is super important... and it starts here.

I love this quote!
... it also scares me.

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  1. Love your thoughts, Ashley - I have the SOTU on DVR (I was at the "I AM" movie while it was on!) and am going to listen this weekend - look forward to being inspired even more after reading your thoughts!