Sunday, January 9, 2011


My favorite subject in school was chemistry. It most definitely was not history.

Remembering dates, time lines, and important historical events is like rocket science to me. Some people are great at it, but I am not. However, I'm not talking about history class here. The kind of history that has me thinking tonight is the kind of history that helps you understand where you come from.

Tonight, I glimpsed into my husband's history. Nate's step mom, Tammy, gave him a dvd of converted 8mm film from his childhood. It was absolutely fascinating stepping into his childhood. It's one thing to marry someone who grew up in the same town as you, because there's a good chance that you experienced the same things growing up together in the same place. That's not the case for Nate and I, because I grew up in Texas/Michigan... and he grew up in Colorado. As far as we know, our lives never really overlapped before we met. I was in awe watching some of his life experiences for the first time. Gaining understanding and gratitude for your history definitely gives relevance to today.

This might sound really cheesy, but that dvd was probably one of my favorite gifts that we received.... it's priceless. I never understood the importance of history in high school, but tonight I found a new appreciation. For my husband, and for history.

Little Nate

Little Ashley

A couple of the most important things that you can give to another person is yourself and your time. I think if everyone took the time to learn a little history, we would realize we're not so different. We're all made up of little bits and pieces of history. History is an incredibly important subject after all. Who knew?


  1. That was a pretty cool gift huh. Something that neither one of us would have probably never seen again. Hopefully we can do something like that with some of your old pics and VHS stuff :)

  2. Sweet post, Ashley! I always dread doing my history homework, but family history is super interesting!
    PS. My mom's family grew up in Michigan (: