Friday, January 28, 2011

Never Too Old

Legos + Architecture + Frank Lloyd Wright + me = Fun!

Great Idea: starting my lego Guggenheim Museum
Bad Idea: starting my lego Guggenheim @ 10pm on Thursday evening

(I'll let you know that I started it last night and actually went to bed before midnight...
and then woke up this morning at 5:30 am just fine, thanks!)

10pm on Thursday evening
this is what I called the 'disaster zone'

When I was younger, you could not pry me from my lego collection. I hated to leave what I started in order to eat dinner or do anything really. I even made a working carousel once, and that was not built from a kit. It was built from sheer imagination.

My aunt and cousin gave me some 'big girl legos' for Christmas this year. They knew that I would appreciate putting together my very own Guggenheim Museum (the architect is Frank Lloyd Wright), and I am thoroughly enjoying putting it together! You're never too old to play with legos.

The Guggenheim Museum kit comes with an easy to follow step by step booklet, and it made putting every piece into place a snap (pun intended).

 The beginning

 I'm starting to see it now...

 The home stretch

Finished Guggenheim!

I was actually kind of sad when I snapped the last piece into place. Guess I'll need to go looking for a new museum to 'build' now. Nate just asked me if I was going to break it apart and rebuild it again, and I said "absolutely not!" After 'construction' we just sit and enjoy the finished product. Tada!

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  1. legos totally rock ... and the chuch I attend was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright