Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Sunday Currently | 11

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reading sadly, this is one of the longest amounts of time I've gone without reading in quite a while. I'm still in need of a good book.
writing some blog posts for this week. I'm doing my best to stay on top of blog posts even though we have a lot going on this month.
listening to my husband talking on the phone in the living room. It's nice and quiet at the moment. I can't even hear the downstairs neighbors screaming at each other right now. (:
thinking that we need to start packing up our apartment.
smelling the Festival of Trees scent that's in my Scentsy warmer. It smells like a tree in our apartment, yum!
wishing that people never had to go hungry.
hoping that the temperatures get a bit cooler this month. It's feeling like summer again! Ugh.
wearing a very rebellious outfit of long sleeves, jeans, scarf, and cowgirl boots. I don't look like a Florida girl. ;)
loving that we won't have to listen to our downstairs neighbors scream at each for very much longer... or our upstairs neighbors vacuum every night for much longer.
wanting some new clothes, because I'm realizing many of my clothes are getting hole-y.
needing to visit the grocery store so we have some food for dinner.
feeling like it's beginning to get warm outside... we might need to turn on the a/c.
clicking some of the blogs that linked up with Lauren's Sunday Currently... and who knows what else I'll stumble upon today.

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Sorry my Sunday Currently post is a little boring today, but we have a lot going on this month... most of my attention is being focused elsewhere lately. I'll be here on the blog tomorrow though! Happy Sunday, and see you tomorrow. (:


  1. I missed writing my currently post today but it was my husband's birthday and we were out all day celebrating. I'm so happy for you that you won't have annoying neighbors for long - we are in that situation right now. Have you read The Happiness Project? or Something Borrowed? I loved them both. xoxo! eliza

  2. YAY for no more loud neighbors. They fight, huh? Ouch. Embarrassing. Don't they know that when you fight and yell you have to turn the tv on so it drowns you out? haha!

    And as for new clothes, January and February are awesome for sales, aren't they? I always end up snagging some good stuff after the 1st of the year.

  3. Lol, I said I wished it would get cold again, too. I love this weather just not around the holidays. The Festival Of Trees sounds wonderful! Last, I'm happy you'll be moving to a quieter place. :)

  4. I missed writing my link up this Sunday… Maybe next week. We're still working on the house. Finally got the water well hooked up and we officially have water. And cabinets come on Tuesday. Eeeek!!

    Where are you guys moving to? I've never lived in an apartment, but I'm sure annoying neighbors can be pretty rough. One thing about packing, wrap, box, and label everything! :)