Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obsessed with Flowerbomb

I found my new favorite fragrance yesterday, and it was love at first sniff. My husband even agreed with my perfume pick. He really hates to shop, so it was amazing we were even at the mall in the first place. My husband tried his hardest to hurry me through the delicious smelling fragrance counters, but I stalled long enough to pick up the closest bottle for a test spray. What can I say? This girl loves to shop.

The gorgeous packaging caught my eye first, but the name Flowerbomb grabbed my attention too. I had smelled that fragrance in magazine samples before, but I wanted to try it straight from the bottle this time. Stumbling across that perfume was a happy accident, because the scent had me hooked immediately! Like I said, love at first sniff.

my favorite scent
Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf

After obsessing over the smell for what seemed like an hour, my husband and I continued through the department store in search of gifts we actually needed. (aka not gifts for me) After finally making it to the right department, a store employee immediately complimented me on the fragrance I was wearing. I haven't had a perfume compliment in quite some time, so I was sold! Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf was definitely a winner. I'm pretty sure it was made for me (said every woman ever). I think I found the perfect scent!

I even saved this tester strip just in case my husband forgot....
this perfume is the ;)

Since I probably won't be getting this for Christmas, I'm adding Flowerbomb to my birthday wishlist. I suppose I can probably wait a month or so for this heavenly scent to arrive in my life! It's actually perfect timing, because I've just about finished my current bottle of perfume. Come to me, Flowerbomb. We were made for each other. Clearly I am obsessed.

Have you smelled Flowerbomb?
What's your favorite fragrance?


  1. Ooh! i want to smell! And you know what? I think it's quite exciting when you first find that IT fragrance! For a long time I wore Tommy Girl in the 2000s. Wow! So lame right? haha! And now I wear Victoria Secret fragrances. They aren't pricey but I think they smell amazing..And they all seem to work for my.. My fave is Desire and Heavenly..


  2. i absolutely LOVE flowerbomb! it's been on my fragrance wish list for a couple of years now.

    and haha about your husband hurrying you through the fragrances - that is exactly what justin does every single time. i could smell different perfumes all day long.

  3. grrrr, that last comment up there was me. i was logged into the wrong account - annoying!

  4. I haven't smelled this yet but now you have me curious!