Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something Pink for my Birthday

One of my very favorite blogger's, Courtney @ from here to eternity, wrote a blog post about how she wanted a pink handgun after getting her concealed carry weapon permit. If I ever get a handgun, it's obviously going to be a pink one. Naturally I told my husband that I wanted a pink gun, and he suggested that I take a gun safety class and get more practice shooting before getting my own gun. The guy does talk some sense once in a while. {Just kidding honey!}

Instead of a pink hand gun, my husband gave me a pink can of pepper spray for my birthday!
It's pretty cute. As cute as a can of pepper spray can be. Maybe the pink container will distract would be muggers long enough that I could actually shoot them in the eye with it. Obviously a hand gun would be much more effective, but until then I have this girly can of pepper spray. (aka my pink 'gun')

I also got a really sweet pair of binoculars!
They work like a charm. I can see really far now, and they sort of make me feel like a superhero.
You know, one that has superhuman eyesight. Good thing they don't give me x-ray power.
I'm not ready for that kind of responsibility yet.

I also got some delicious smelling perfume and a home decorating book.

{  perfume : Miss Dior (similar)  |  book : Domino: the book of decorating  }


Here is a picture of me shooting a .45 handgun for the first time way back in 2006.
I need to work on my form a bit, but I was actually a surprisingly good shot.
Boo-yah! Now can I have that pink handgun? (:

{ Camp Pendleton Marine Base 2006 }

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