Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nautical Inspired Maxi Skirt

{ top : Banana Republic / skirt : TJ Maxx / sandals : Seychelles }

The water has always been a comfort to me, and I can never get enough of it. After growing up on a lake in Michigan, and then living in land-locked Colorado for a while, I'm really happy to be living in Florida near water again! When Kristina, over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly, announced that maxi skirts would be the newest 'Bloggers Do It Better' challenge, I just had to work a nautical theme into my outfit somehow.

When I think of being near the water, navy and white always pop into my mind. Someday my husband and I will have a beach cottage decked out in a navy and white interior. You might even find some blue glass fishing floats on our future beach cottage tables. Until then using clothing and visits to the beach, for my nautical fix, will have to suffice.

{ belt : New York & Co. / bracelets : Charlotte Russe / necklace : old }

Working a knotted belt, shoes and purse with rope details, and a starfish necklace into my outfit added extra nautical inspired layers to my ruffled white top and navy maxi skirt. To dress everything up a bit, I added some pearl stud earrings and fun, sparkly bracelets. All that was missing was my *private yacht. It never showed.

{ I don't really own a yacht, but in my dreams I do. }

{ sunglasses : Juicy couture from nordstrom rack }
{ purse : nordstrom bp / nail polish : essie / ring : my husband }

This nautical inspired photo shoot was photographed in a small waterside town near the Gulf of Mexico. The town of Tarpon Springs is Greek influenced, and we even found a couple of spots that almost made us feel like we were in Mykonos, Greece gazing at whitewashed buildings with bright blue paint. Don't even get me started on the Greek bakeries that we came across. Needless to say, a visit to Tarpon Springs is in the near future.

I look forward to creating other looks with this maxi skirt, but I'm not sure that anything can beat nautical-inspired outfits. Okay I may be a bit biased because of my love for the water, but I promise to try and be open-minded. {sort of}

As you can see from yesterday, I'm also falling for tribal print clothing. Watch out!

Bloggers Do It Better

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* please note: only my skirt and bracelets were purchased new for less than $20 for both.
Looking put together on a budget is a high priority!


  1. You look amazing! I love everything about this outfit. I pretty much wanna steal it and wear it everyday.

  2. You totally remind me of Lo Bosworth from the hills! So cute! I need that belt!!

    Came over from BDIB!!

  3. So cute! Awesome post! I love that skirt!!

  4. Adorable outfit! I always love a nice mix of black and brown...very cute belt btw!

  5. I am IN LOVE with this outfit! So pretty!

  6. Ah, I love that outfit! You look great! I've actually been to Tarpon Springs. I remember sampling some Greek goodies at the bakeries there :)

  7. beautiful!! You nailed it for #bdib! love your style and look you pulled together for this.

  8. This outfit is amazing! I love the belt with the navy.

  9. WOW! You look so perfectly nautical!! :D I love the look of this maxi skirt paired with your pretty top!

    This little photoshoot is so dreamy! Hope you have a very happy weekend!

  10. LOVE your look!! and the colors. Navy and camel together are my favorite combo right now!

    xo Jody

  11. That first picture looks like a Michael Kors ad (my personal favorite!!) You look stunning here. Love the whole thing. - Katy

  12. You look great! Awesome nautical look :)


  13. Navy and white is straight from handsome sailors in their Navy uniforms :) You look gorgeous! So chic and so comfortable. Love your simply bun too.

    How cool is that greek inspired town. Your pineterst boards were beautiful!!


  14. I don't even know where to start. We were in Tarpon Springs last April.
    I loved it.........
    We ate at the Rusty Belly, went to all the little shops where I scored a fantastic white flowy blouse and the greatest olive oil soap. That's all I use on my face now and my skin has never looked better.
    But, what I should really say is you are gorgeous! I love Navy and white.
    P.S. My son is a sailor, so maybe I'm just a little partial to that color combo!

  15. Love the nautical inspiration,light and breezy.

    robyn of

  16. I miss the water too!! Texas isn't quite as bad as Colorado was for you I'm sure, but I still have very limited access to the water, and it's so hard! Love your take on the nautical look--especially with photos on the water!

  17. Love your outfit, super cute! We went to the sponge docks not to long ago for the first time. We were lucky enough to be there while they had a street festival going on. Lots of stuff to look @ and food every where. I forget which restaurant we ate at but I had my first gyro and it was delish! You can see some pics here .. they aren't as great as yours , but there they are.

  18. NICE WITH THE BELT 11 I´ve choosen a black skirt too. please take a look and let me know what u think about my outfit, I´m a new follwer :)

  19. Beautiful outfit - beautiful photos - beautiful lady!! Thanks for sharing!

    Tarpon Springs is great...I'm the East Coast of FL but I've been in to that area a couple of times...I must admit that I think I like the Gulf better than the Atlantic!

    Nice "meeting" you - new to blogging!


  20. That blue maxi skirt is gorgeous!

  21. LOVE the nautical outfit, down to your chic bun! What a pretty area geez!

  22. adorable and classic...i like it :)

  23. You are rocking this outfit. I love it!

  24. Love the outfit! I love your blog too, I just discovered it!!

  25. Navy and white is such a gorgeous color combo - love the nautical feel of your look :)

  26. LOVE your outfit! Head to toe! And What a great belt. Such a versatile skirt

  27. i LOVE this skirt. and these photos of you are beautiful.
    Oh, and I am posting your guest post this Wednesday:) thanks so much for doing that for me!! I can't wait to see it posted;)

  28. OMG!!!!! I absolutely LOVE your outfit!!!!! So stinkin' cute and glam!!! I have never been to Tarpon Springs. Looks beautiful!! <3

  29. Wow, I absolutely LOVE the way you styled this BDIB challenge. You look fab, head-to-toe! The water is perfect for this background, too.

    Glad i found you! Your blog is so much fun to browse. Consider me your newest follower, lady. :)

    -Hallie (aka Maxi Submission#107)