Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Sanctuary and Some Pinterest Inspiration

In the past few days, we made some minor changes to our office. Both of our diplomas now hang on the wall next to the desk, and we relocated the router to decrease the messy pile of cords at our feet. There's still some work to do, but this room is coming along nicely. It's definitely my new favorite room!
{ the bedroom is pretty cozy too, but I spend more time in the office }

Some day we'll have a house where we can paint walls and really make the space our own, but until then the office will do! I'll just continue pinning inspiring images to my Pinterest boards so that the creative juices keep flowing. Watching every episode of 'Secrets from a Stylist' doesn't hurt either. I love Emily Henderson's style, and she always tackles each space with such enthusiasm and excitement. When we finally do get to buy a house, I'll be armed with plenty of inspiration and creative ideas!

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Latest Pinterest Loves:

Oh Pinterest, you never cease to help me gather my thoughts and ideas.
Thank you!

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One more more thing. Have you read about this Pinterest challenge that Young House Love is hosting with a few other fellow bloggers?! It almost makes me want to go all DIY crazy on our tiny apartment.

I already used Pinterest as 'pinspiration' (as they're calling it over on YHL) for my DIY jewelry organizers. { which you can read about HERE. } Who knows what might happen with a little more browsing the internet. I just might find the inspiration I need to build us a life-size house out of marshmallows or something!


  1. Great pins Ashley! Love the first room! :)

  2. LOVE me some Pinterest :)

    I need to get inspired by you and do something about my office! Right now it has all the painting supplies and things that don't have a place to be in this house!

  3. Love pinterest! Your office looks great :)