Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Updates & Torture by Resumé

Yesterday I was feeling ambitious, {you're lucky since that doesn't happen often} so I updated the tabs under my blog header. "Yeah big deal," you might say, but I did put some genuine thought into what I wrote there. Not that I don't put thought into what I normally share here on my blog, but I wanted to include a little bit more about who I really am. I still feel that I 'hide' some things from you all, and sometimes even from myself, and I don't want to do that.

{ I partly added to the 'creative life' section on this blog because I needed some inspiration for my resume and cover letter. I found that looking back on what makes me, well... me, helped narrow down what went on my resume. Hey, whatever works... right? }

So go check out the 'Creative Life' tab and the updated 'About' tab too!

Also, in case you had not noticed, I added a couple of graphics in my sidebar with links to my Twitter page and Pinterest boards. I'm all over the Internet these days.

Catch me if you can!

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In fact, if you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me complaining whining
tweeting kind words about resumes last night. Not!

That one piece of paper caused me so much grief that I wanted to throw in the towel, and start up a business of my own, just so I would never have to write a resume again! That would have been overkill though, so I pulled myself together, solicited some help from my husband, and wrote the resume.

I find it incredibly difficult to narrow down my life achievements into one piece of paper that could mean the difference between landing a job or not. I'm sweating just thinking about it.

Ask me to explain why a friend or co-worker should get hired and I'll rave about them and all of their strengths, but when it comes to talking about myself I go quiet. That quiet does not equate to a lack of knowledge or experience. That lack of words comes from someone who feels that every day is a learning experience and that my actions will speak much louder than words on a paper. If I love something and have a passion for it, you can't stop me. My friends and loved ones will sometimes say nicer things about me than I can say about myself. What is it about resumes that makes me so shy?

Call me crazy, but I feel that a piece of paper cannot show passion and drive like a person can. Words on paper also have the ability to lie. Someone might look really great on paper but lack the things needed in person. Too many people are passed over because they only, as if it is not a feat in itself, possess a high school diploma. {Yes, I have a college degree. It's a piece of paper that represents something too.} Not to mention, sometimes people have never been given enough chances in life to shine. That piece of paper should never get in the way of happiness!

The torture of writing a resume may not come from the resume itself but from the pressures of life instead. I honestly really dislike being judged by what a piece of paper says, or does not say, about me. The really great thing about life, and resumes, is that you can re-write that piece of paper every day if you see necessary. Start over with a blank sheet of paper and re-analyze what is important.

Have you updated your resume recently?

Oh, and writing my resume was not quite as bad as I made it out to be.


  1. Resumes are a challenge sometimes. I actually found a resume writing class in town and attended. Then an "expert" sat down with me one-on-one and helped me tweek it out. It was really great! And the resume ended up doing great things for me too! But I seriously hate writing resumes lol. I would see if you could find a local class. Mine was free sponsered by a temp agency and it was oh so helpful!

  2. Not that I'm in the market for a new job, but I do need to update my resume with my current job info and add a few little extra touches here and there.

    Glad your hubs came to the rescue and helped you out! See, they're great for a few things ;)


  3. I think resumes are one of the hardest things to write. They never seem "good" enough and there's no real resources or examples of "the perfect resume" because every job and person is different. I always tailored my resume depending on the job I was applying for though - tried to highlight the things that I thought pertained to that specific job most. Good luck!

  4. I had to update my resume about a year ago when I had to find a new job. For me, the resume is easy, it's the actual interview that makes me need a xanax & vodka!

  5. I just made my resume a few days ago.... it sucked. I really do better face to face. and I think that is how it should go! I did some blog updated too....I listed all the blogs I follow by state to make it easier for other people to find new friends in their state! I am such a dork!

  6. I'm so bad about talking about myself! Everytime I have someone look at my resume they're like brag more! I hate it??

  7. It is so hard to talk about ourselves. I recently had to update my resume and apply for jobs. I forgot how much I hated it.

  8. super cool braid in that first photo!! :)
    and resumes are TOTALLY overrated!

  9. Thanks for the captions on the pictures. I can very much relate. I think I am my hardest critic.

    I have applied to over 50+ jobs in the past four months. Most of them have been special ed teaching jobs and I still haven't gotten a job that is seasonal. Thanks for the uplift.