Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

So remember when I mentioned that I would be without a computer for possibly up to two months? Well, I have been saved! My aunt insisted that I make some space in their house for my computer, and we ended up creating a little place that will be my home work space for at least the next month or so. Whew! Let me tell you, it's really nice to have a little constant in life when everything else is getting uprooted. Even if my computer and writing/blogging are my constant, it's nice to have them back if at least for a little while.

Before getting my computer back, I disassembled the foosball table that was taking up the space for my future 'office space'. I did a lot of unscrewing, and before I knew it all of the little foosball men (or maybe women) were packed away in a garbage pail. This made the table easy to move, and we'll be putting it downstairs soon enough. 

Goodbye little foosball people!
Hello computer and blogs!

It's nice having my own little work space in someone else's home. My temporary home became a little bit more mine, and I'm super excited that I don't have to say goodbye to blogging for now. There will come a time when my husband and I do have to pack up and move to a new city/state, but for now I'm digging my temporary home. Sometimes it's nice having even just a little corner to call your own.

Thanks to my family for being accommodating and flexible. (:


  1. yay! when do you find out where you move??

  2. Yay for having a desk and still being able to use your computer :)

  3. Came across your blog and noticed that you are from Colorado too!!! Best state in the country! =)

  4. yay for your new space!!! right now i blog from our kitchen table or couch, and i can't wait to move in to a larger apartment to spread out a bit :)

    happy wednesday! xoxo

  5. So happy! I bet you are, as well. I could never go with no computer for that long. (sad but true) hehe

    Your little corner looks great.

    Also, foosball is my best sport. Even if it's a table sport. I have to say, it's the one remotely sport-ish thing I'm good at! (:

  6. Awww, so sweet that she gave you your own little corner! That'll definitely be nice to have!!

  7. Love the corner, having a space of your own is a must.

  8. I'm glad you loved ut. I live in northern ut, which is a lot different than the red rocks and vistas you drove through, but just as beautiful. My husband is a regional pilot out of slc. I'm checking up on your blog as much as I can. With three small children and a traveling husband sometimes days can go by. It's fun to get a glimps into your life. Good luck with the move. I think that's very exciting and refreshing.

    Camillepiano at hotmail dot com

  9. YAY! Such good news... all you really need is a little bit of space (and that Starbucks :) I'm so happy you'll be around!!