Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogger Confession

I might be addicted... and scared.

No, actually I'm pretty sure that I am.

Blog friends... being away from my computer for a while scares me. I'm not one of those technologically advanced people who has a smart phone, but I sure do love my computer! My phone is actually pretty idiotic when it comes to things like the internet and such. Crud!

This whole moving thing is really putting a kink into my blogging routine. Unless I stock up by scheduling tons of posts for the next... oh 6 weeks or so, I might not get to blog as often as I would like. Putting everything into storage, until we find out where we're moving, might drive me crazy.

Who the heck goes 2 months without regular use of a computer?!

Hopefully I can figure out a way to blog, and keep up with your blogs, over the next month or two. We're almost moved out of our place, and that means I might not have a computer to use for regular blogging. Ugh! What is a girl to do?!

Can you sense the fear in my voice?! Because I can.

For now, I'm going to resume packing... and then head off to bed.
(And by bed I mean air mattress)

P.S. Air mattresses really aren't that bad.

P.P.S. I probably won't be saying that in a couple of months.


  1. understandable ALL the way around. line up some guest bloggers! (not hinting, just suggesting! I'm doing it for next week) maybe it will make you feel less stressed!

  2. aww no worries girl- i'm obviously doing the same thing with getting guest blogges as well! xo

  3. one time my hubby forgot the comp charger when we went to spain. i didnt talk to him for a couple of hours.

    clearly i have a problem.

  4. Awww ASHLEY!! I feel ya girl. I wouldn't be able to do it. You're gonna have to majorly hit up some Internet cafes of libraries - I AM SO SERIOUS. I will keep you in my prayers!!!

    Hehe. Playing. But really, good luck with the move ahead!!

  5. I hope you can find some computer time. I really like reading your blog! Good luck with the move!

  6. Girl, I hear ya on the computer addiction thing! Good luck on the move :)

  7. Can you believe that I try to restrict my own computer use during the weekends? It's hard but during the week while at work, I'm always on so I try to turn away on the weekends. It's very tough and I'm not always successful but I try. I hope that you'll be able to find a little computer time :)

  8. I am totally addicted, too. It's ridiculous. I would love it if I got paid for it. Haha.

  9. So this is completely off topic from your post, but I absolutely LOVE the 'no fun zone' picture.

    I really do love reading your posts, please don't stop. You just gotta find the time. Just gotta (in the most child-like pleading, yet cutest voice ever!).