Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Goodbye Las Vegas... For Now

If you read my last couple of blog posts, you'll know that we spent a few days in Las Vegas. Each time we go, we try and do something new while we're there. This time we saw another Cirque show, and we stayed at the MGM Grand which we had not stayed at previous to this visit.

On our last morning in the hotel, we ordered room service before heading off to the airport. Since the passenger loads looked heavy, we anticipated a long day of waiting at the airport and wanted to fill up on a yummy breakfast before sitting at LAS all day. Good thing I love airports, because we sat around pretty much all day waiting for a flight with a couple of open seats.

We found our way down to the United flights waiting area, and were glad to find that it was incredibly quiet down there. Tons of seats were open for us to wait around, so we stretched out and enjoyed the sunlight and watched planes taxi around the airport.

A visit to the airport is no longer complete for me without at least one somewhat artsy photograph. I have a few fun pictures from the Detroit airport, and I snapped this one of the seats in the waiting area at LAS. Good thing there weren't too many passengers waiting around us, because I had to contort myself a bit in order to take this photo.

These seats were seriously some of the more comfortable airport waiting seats I have experienced. Love them! If I have to spend a day at LAS again, I know where I'm heading. That would be the United area in the D concourse. Don't forget a big bottle of water too.

After a day of waiting around, we finally got the last couple of seats on an evening flight into Denver. Las Vegas... it was fun, thanks for having us! You'll be seeing my husband again really soon while he trains for his new job. Make sure he doesn't get into any trouble... okay? Thanks!


  1. fun fun! any other trips coming up? I loving having something to look forward to, probably means I'm not very good at "living in the present" but still.... :)

  2. Bye bye Vegas...until next time! lol! Love love love your photos Ashley! :)