Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vegas Baby!

Recently, Nate and I were in Las Vegas for a a few short days. Both Nate and I have been to Vegas at least a few times now, and this time was sort of for work/play. Nate attended an aviation career fair, and I just tagged along for the ride. We stayed at the Palms Casino and Resort, which was pretty cool... and I say this because everything seemed to be a little cheaper there (possibly because it's not located directly on The Strip). The Palms also seems a little more hip than many of the casinos on the strip. I still think that Las Vegas is a lot more fun with a group of friends, but we still had a good time during our short trip there.

We arrived in Vegas without much trouble on standby... we only missed out on one flight. I got stuck on Southwest and Nate lucked out with Frontier and free TV! So we arrived at the Palms a little early for check-in, and the girl at the counter told us there were only rooms with 2 beds clean that early and no king rooms. Ugh. I guess that's what you get for flying standby and arriving too early. She gave us the key to our 8th floor room with two beds... and we open the door to a dirty room, so she lied... the rooms with 2 beds were not ready either. Ha! So we make our way back to the front desk where a young man helps us. He sincerely apologizes for us walking into a dirty room (it really wasn't a big deal), proceeds to whack away at the keyboard for a couple of minutes like his fingers were chickens pecking at their meal... and then checks us into a room with a king bed on the 30th floor, and he also gives us (by us I mean me) two passes to use the spa facilities! Score! I guess it pays to get checked into a dirty room. :)

View from our room in the morning... Vegas appears rather quiet in the a.m.

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Since I'm  sort of  really obsessed with Cirque du Soleil, and have been for a long long time, we saw one of their shows while in LV. We've seen Mystere, and since 'O' was not showing this time... we saw the Beatles Love. The music was great, the theater was unique, and the costumes and dancing were fun too. However, we both agreed that Mystere was more exciting, fascinating, and seemingly dangerous! Not that we disliked Love (although I did see Nate getting a bit bored after a while), we just expected more athletics and unbelievable stunts, etc. I am still singing Beatles tunes in my head though... "All you need is love..."

The waiting area outside of the theater for the Beatles Love was crazy fun! What would Vegas be without all of the lights and color?!

 I took a quick sneak picture (hence the fuzziness) of the show... you aren't supposed to photograph inside of the theater, but I'm b.a. like that  ;)

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In our hotel room, I read through a magazine filled with advertisements and articles for Vegas. I stumbled across an article for Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill. The article mentioned a drink called White Trash with Money, and I instantly decided that I needed one of those... so we went there! Talk about a classy white trash drink. White Trash with Money consisted of Chambord, sprite, sweet & sour, and Coors Light (it was supposed to be PBR.. I was sort of disappointed I missed out on that). It was a little too sweet for my tastes, but it was pretty good... and strong. Whew. We sipped our drinks out of mason jars while listening to the live band play country and rock&roll. Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill was a pretty good time!

Classy White Trash... with Money! ;)

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One thing that I always, always, always want to do in Vegas is watch the fountains outside of the Bellagio! The music is always fun, and the fountains are amazing. Not to mention... it's FREE to watch. Not many things in Vegas are free, so take what you can get!

Viva, Las Vegas! See ya Vegas, until next time. :)

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