Sunday, October 3, 2010

HGTV in Colorado

I love HGTV! That's Home and Garden Television to those not in the know. It's pretty much one of my favorite channels ever, because.... well, I love homes and I love gardens. Self explanatory.

* 2011 HGTV Green Home *

Since I'm so in love with HGTV and their shows... their specials... and their website, I recently did a little browsing online and discovered that the next HGTV Green Home is going to be in Denver! That means that when they actually finish construction, I'm definitely going to be one of the first people in line to tour that bad boy. I don't just have to watch on the internet or television this time. Oh and just in case I forget to tell you, I actually took a little peak at the house today! See proof below... I'm not lying.   :)

* art by Ashley, seriously... I love it *

The 2011 Green Home is currently under construction in the Stapleton development, which is a neighborhood built on the land that formerly housed Stapleton airport in Denver. The old runways, and existing infrastructure, were recycled by crushing the concrete (over 6 million tons of it!) and creating something called "Staplestone" that was used to build new bridges, paths, and roadways. Cool! This creative re-use of land and materials makes for a perfect 2011 HGTV Green Home location!

* The old air traffic control tower still stands *

Seeing how I love houses, and I can be quite the "Snoopy McSnooperton" (as Nate likes to call me) when it comes to houses... I just had to go and see the Green Home under construction. Hopefully curiosity doesn't always kill the cat or I'm totally in trouble.

* The exterior is about complete, and the interior appeared drywalled *

* I love these staggered steps... they're perfect for placing some potted plants or something else welcoming as you walk to the front door *

* Southwest corner of the house, looking up the west side to the north *

* Looking at the west side of the house *

* West side of the house, looking south. I like the cantilevered roof overhangs... they're sort of like wings. Nice little nod to the land's airport past if you ask me *

* One last look at the front of the house *

* Central Park at Stapleton, just to the south side of the street across from the Green Home. Not a bad "back yard". If the winner has children... or dogs.... or bicycles... or even lungs... they might just enjoy this park across the street *

* Nate way up there at the top of the hill in Central Park *

* One last picture of the Green Home from the top of the hill in previous picture... it's quite a hike. You can see the solar panels on the right side of the roof. *

So there you have it... for now. Hopefully this little preview got you at least a tiny bit excited about the 2011 HGTV Green Home. I know I can't wait to see more! Any likes or dislikes about the house yet?


  1. Very cool! Is that the HGTV Dream Home that they do that contest with every year, or is this something different? I tried to no avail to win the Dream Home in Sonoma last year by faithfully entering online every day, but did not win! That's really neat that you got an in person preview of the home!

  2. Hey Brittney, it's their 'Green Home' for 2011. I'm pretty sure they still do the Dream Home too... I followed the one in Napa Valley as well. I never entered though, because I figured I could not even afford the taxes haha. It's definitely fun to see the HGTV houses in person.