Friday, October 22, 2010

Time to Kill

This blog title is a little deceiving. It's not actually time to kill something or some one... it was more of a hint at the contents of this blog containing info about what I do when I have some time to kill. Ah geez, just keep reading...

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I have way too much time to think lately. Yeah... that's what will happen when you are unemployed and alone quite often. Thanks a lot architecture for being the number 1 job field for layoffs. Also thanks a lot to airline jobs for making husbands/wives/parents be away from their loved ones. Do I sound bitter? Hmm. Having too much time to think is not all that bad though.

When I'm bored and lonely... which is often... I have my go-to tasks that keep me busy and occupied. Today, it's been reading other people's blogs and doing laundry. Exciting, huh? Next I'm going to tackle going through our closet and making room for new things getting rid of old clothes. Yes, I still have some really really old clothes from high school. Crazy, I know! I'm pretty sure Nate would be in big trouble if we had a house with a big closet, because I'm pretty sure I would find a need to fill it. Since our closet is fairly small and we share it, I really can't do too much damage since there's not too many places for new clothes... unless I get rid of everything. Muahaha. ;)

Another thing I do when I'm bored is cook or bake. That's something I enjoy, and I'm pretty sure that Nate enjoys it too when he comes home from a trip. Cooking is really a win win situation for us. A little bit ago, I spoiled Nate with brownies and ice cream and also homemade chocolate chip cookies (which we both decided were the best ever!). The downside to Nate being gone for days at a time is cooking for one. That's really no fun. I like cooking because it's fun to share with others... so I don't cook very often when he's gone. I end up eating tuna melts and grilled cheese sandwiches... which really aren't all that bad so who am I to complain? We really just run into trouble when Nate comes home and I've eaten the contents of the refrigerator... but still haven't gone to the grocery store. Does anyone else do that?! Then I feel somewhat badly that I never made a trip to the store for more goodies while he was gone. Oops. Maybe I should start enjoying trips to the grocery store when I'm bored. Who am I kidding, that's probably never going to happen.

Trips to bookstores keep me busy too. I love books like a fat kid loves cake quite a bit. Leaving a bookstore without a purchase for me is like telling a kid not to eat the cookies in the cookie jar and then leaving them alone in the kitchen. I'm probably going to buy a gosh darn book. This is not the best thing, because books are not exactly cheap. Also... we have very limited space for things in our apartment, not to mention books are incredibly heavy to move all of the time. Nate had to lift all of the book boxes when we moved recently. Hopefully we aren't moving for a while, but somehow I highly doubt that will happen. I've found that if I take one of my books from home in my purse to the bookstore, it makes me feel as if I'm leaving with a "new" book. That will work for now.

The most exciting thing that I do when I find myself bored and alone is clean the apartment. How can that be exciting you ask? Well, I find myself doing some of my best thinking when I'm cleaning. Like when I dusted the bedroom dresser today, I found myself wondering if I just sprayed this thing down with Static Guard would I need to dust it as often? Pretty deep thought, huh? :) I actually think about more complex things than just dust, but I won't go into that.

So as you can see we live an incredibly exciting life here in the Webster household. A life full of clean closets and homemade meals. Yeeeha! If it gets any more exciting around here we might explode.

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