Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas Wish List | Black Friday Deals

Black Friday shopping has never been at the top of my wish list. I have, however, had to work a retail job on this day, and I don't really want to do that again. That being said, online shopping isn't so bad. I could get used to Black Friday shopping if it involves shopping from home while wearing pajamas.

Christmas isn't too far away, and there are so many great deals right now. I've managed to knock some items off of my shopping list, but I can't help looking a little for myself as well. Here are a few things on my wish list. A couple of them are great Black Friday steals!

Christmas Wish List 2016

I typically ask for pajamas each year at Christmas, and these pajamas are perfect for Christmas day. --- thermal pajamas

For years I've wanted a Rebecca Minkoff bag. The Avery bag is on sale currently, but I love this Mini mac bag too. --- crossbody bag

My Christmas wish list wouldn't be complete without a pair of Kate Spade stud earrings. I usually get a pair for a gift each year. Pst! They're on sale. You can't go wrong here. --- stud earrings

I worked at Anthropologie for a while, and I often found myself sniffing the Voluspa candles after the store closed. They are quality candles and smell amazing. This fragrance is perfect for winter, and it makes your house smell like a Christmas tree. Yum! --- voluspa candle

These booties have been on my wish list for quite a while, and they currently have an amazing Black Friday price. --- cutout booties

If you read my post from last fall, you know that I really wanted this dress back then. I finally got my hands on it during this Nordstrom Black Friday sale! It's about half off, and I can't wait to wear it. --- black trapeze dress

What's on your Christmas wish list?!