Friday, October 28, 2016

Schnepf Farms | Arizona Fall Tradition

Last week we braved the heat and celebrated fall at Schnepf Farms' Pumpkin & Chili Party. This was our second year attending the party, but it was unseasonably too hot for eating chili this year. We did, however, take full advantage of the plethora of pumpkins.

picking pumpkins

The sun was shining so brightly this year. We sweated our butts off on the hay ride, train ride, and in the pumpkin patch, but we wouldn't have missed it for anything! Schnepf Farms has activities and fun that our toddler loves, and we have fun just watching him enjoy it.

sunny day hayride

our rosy-cheeked toddler finding the perfect pumpkin

In typical toddler boy fashion, we headed first for the hayride and then to the train. There is nothing that makes our boy smile like the sound of a train whistle. Tractors are a close second, so we packed in some favorite activities quite easily in our short trip to the farm.

With the scorching sun and heat, we didn't stay long. Though we did take time to pick out a wagon full of pumpkins to take home. We added a jar of peach salsa and apple butter to our purchase on the way out as well. Even though this was a short visit to Schnepf Farms, it was a fun one.

Happy fall everyone!

What are your favorite fall traditions?


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