Monday, July 8, 2013

Denver | Alive with Creativity and Beauty

It's no secret that I love Colorado and that Denver is one of my favorite cities. Years ago I moved to Colorado after college and even met my husband there. I even worked in Denver for a couple of years, and I just love to share all the great things about Denver that deserve praise. I've visited a lot of cities in this country, and Denver has plenty to offer for a city its size. The amount of art and creativity in the city never ceases to amaze me.

you'll find this area of Denver after walking down 16th St. all the way to Little Raven St. }

Sure there are people who think the "flyover states" have nothing to offer, but comparing totally different cities is about as productive as comparing apples to oranges. Denver has an identity all its own, and that's a good thing. I don't know many (or any) other cities where you can enjoy a baseball game while viewing a mountain range in the distance. I also love how Denver allows you to visit a brewery, sporting event, museum, and concert all within minutes of each other. Plus, did I mention that mountain view?

{ there aren't many stadiums with views like this... and just look at that sunset }

This past May I spent a couple of weeks in Colorado and wandered the city of Denver with a good friend who I met while working at an architecture firm downtown. My friend, Laura, and I share many of the same interests. For instance, we both enjoy architecture, design, art, museums, food, and good beer. It's without saying that we had a really great time exploring Denver together.

{ yellow room at the Clyfford Still Museum }

Laura and I started the day learning about the artist Clyfford Still at his museum. We ate at one of our old favorite restaurants, The Market, and we spent some time reminiscing many of the fun things we did during our time working downtown together. Our day in Denver together was just what the doctor ordered. We managed to fill the day with an abundance of art, photographs, food, and just appreciating one of our favorite cities.

{ the "I See What You Mean" bear sculpture outside the convention center }

After a long day in downtown Denver, my friend and I came across these amazing street performers while walking back to the bus stop. These particular musicians had amassed quite a large crowd of bystanders on the pedestrian mall. We couldn't help but stop and listen to their energetic music. The band consisted of three men. Collectively they played a washboard, banjo, kazoo, and violin. It was spectacular. Watch for yourself.

{ does anyone in Denver know the name of their band... I forgot their name }

The lively music was the perfect ending to our day exploring Denver. The city has always made me feel alive. Every time I visit Denver I discover something new and exciting. Even my old favorite destinations still fulfill me. It's satisfying to visit a city that's changing at a breakneck pace, yet all at the same time feel that some things never change. Denver does both rather well.

Have you ever been to Denver?
What are some things you love about your favorite city?


  1. Denver is probably my boyfriends favorite city - I need to get over there and explore! Great photos!

  2. We typically don't spent much time in Denver as we are usually high tailing it to the mountains or Fort Collins, where family lives, but it sounds/looks like the city has a lot to offer.

  3. I love Denver! I do spend more time in Vail and Fort Collins with my husband's family but Denver is awesome!!

  4. That bears amazing xx

  5. Denver is one of America's great cities if you ask me! I've been wanting to live there for years but I don't know if that's ever going to happen. For now I'm content to get out there as often as possible. Great post!!

  6. I'd love to visit Denver sometime! It's on my "must visit" list. :)

  7. Wow, those guys are great!!! And that is some view at the baseball game! I think I'd love a baseball stadium with a view, seeing as how I'm not really a sports person, haha. ;) And I've never been to Denver (well, TECHNICALLY I have but it was at night while I was driving across the country and more in the suburbs as we were staying with a friend), but I've heard nothing but good things about it! I hope to REALLY go one day!


  8. I would love to go to Denver! I always ask my husband to take me to Colorado for snow skiing....I've never tried it before, but I think I'd do great. (on a bunny slope. haha)

    These photos are so pretty!! I love the peeking bear sculpture! So creative.

  9. Hi pretty lady! This so makes me want to go - I've never ever been to Colorado but it's on my 'must visit' list. Does it count that when T.Tebow played I sported a Broncos jersey ha? #nojoke

  10. Wow I love your photos ! I love the stadium ! And the museum ! And the bear ! So fun, looks like Colorado is a great place to visit :)

  11. Colorado is on the list of states I want to see (all of the connected 48 states, actually).

  12. I just tried to comment on your "about" page but couldn't find a link! I definitely relate to a lot, my husband was selected to be a pilot then did a little swap and decided to go a different route. I'm so jealous that you get to live in an awesome city! We're currently in a tiny town in Texas while he gets some training out of the way. Nice to meet you!