Friday, March 2, 2012

When Pelicans Attack!

My mom recently visited from Michigan, and we explored quite a few places around the Gulf coast. One of those places just so happened to be the quaint little town of Dunedin. My husband was at work, so my mom and I had a girls day out. Pelicans stole the show.

After browsing the shops in Dunedin, my mom and I worked up an appetite. We grabbed lunch at the Olde Bay Cafe which is next to the Dunedin Fish Market. The cafe's covered seating area overlooks the marina and gives you views all the way to Caladesi Island. The Olde Bay Cafe is a great place to enjoy a meal, beer, and a lovely view.

Adjacent to the Olde Bay Cafe you'll find a boardwalk that takes you to a small pier. It's a great place for a stroll after filling yourself with fresh seafood from the Olde Bay Cafe. My mom and I walked out onto the pier, which we shared with fishermen, locals, tourists, and birds. We came within inches of pelicans, and I had no idea I would ever come so close to a live pelican in my life.

These pelicans were a little too comfortable with humans.

I'd been taking pictures of one pelican (see above photo), when it took flight. That bird's flight path included the space where I just so happened to be standing! I experienced one of those slow motion moments, where you have time to think about what's happening and you're not sure what to do. After images of being impaled by a pelican beak flew through my mind, I ducked as quickly as possible while back pedaling my way out of the pelican's flight path!

My mom still laughs about the stunned look on my face in that moment. I can only imagine it was one of shock, horror, and amusement all at the same time. This pelican came inches from my head. I'm still not exactly sure what that bird was trying to do! The attempted attack on my head was either premeditated, or that pelican had bad eyesight. We may never know.

I hope you enjoy this video!

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  1. That must have been so scary! I would've freaked out for sure!