Monday, January 18, 2010

The Wedding Shower

We're getting married soon! Before we can get married though, there must be a shower.

shower decorations

Yesterday my aunt Pat and cousin Nicolette threw me a bridal shower. I know you probably aren't supposed to be too involved in the production of your own shower, but I don't care and made many of the decorations myself. I really enjoy making things and being crafty, so it was tons of fun for me to get involved and put some of my creative skills to use! Might as well, right?

We played some fun games, ate a delicious brunch, and I received lots of great gifts from friends and family. I'm glad everyone who was there could make it, but I wished that my friends and family in Michigan could have been there too! That's one of the major downsides to living in a different state than where I grew up. Not everyone can be there for special moments.

personalized plasticware holders

We played a game where each of the guests pinned 5 clothespins to their clothes, and they were told the forbidden word was "wedding". If anyone caught someone saying the forbidden word, then they could take one of that person's clothespins. I would have to say, it was quite entertaining listening to my aunt and Nate's mom go back and forth trying to trick each other into saying the word "wedding"! :)

bride and groom

We got these adorable little bride and groom wine/champagne bottle covers at Party America... what a cool find, I love them!

Thanks to my cousin for taking photographs of the shower! :)
I can't wait until the wedding, and I've been busy crafting up some nice decorations for the big day too! Less than 3 weeks now....

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