Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Captured Moments - Denver Engagement Photos

Nate and I had our engagement pictures taken in December, and we are extremely happy with how they've turned out thanks to our wonderful photographer Alison of Alison Rose Photography! If anyone in the Denver area is looking for a wedding photographer, talk to Alison! She not only photographs weddings, but she photographs many other occassions too. Here's a link to her website for anyone interested in viewing more of her work: Alison Rose Photography

Alison is a member of the Wedding Photojournalistic Association (WPJA) and has also been published in some well known wedding magazines. Her passion for photography shows in the photos she captures. Alison has a knack for capturing moments and people's personalities in a picture. Anyone can take a picture, but the best photographers capture more than just an image. Thank you, Alison, for our amazing pictures!

in front of the Hotel Teatro in Denver where we got engaged


  1. oh my god smash! these are amazing! -amber

  2. I agree! The photos turned out beautifully. I'm thinking about visiting Denver sometime this Winter or Spring. Would you be interested in coordinating a get-together? I'll probably be out at a local bar visiting friends and family, so you'd be more than welcome to stop by. I hope to hear from you soon!
    -Elisabeth D.
    UM BS Arch. 2005

  3. These are fantastic! When is the big day?