Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life with a One Year Old

I literally just sat down (butt just hit the chair) to work on a post after months of absence. Chase was (note the past tense) napping, and I figured I had a good 30 minutes to spill a few thoughts. Isn't that the struggle of a mom right there?

Finding time to complete the most simple of tasks like brushing teeth, getting dressed, doing the laundry, or writing a blog post isn't always the easiest thing. I'm not complaining. Just telling the truth. Every time I think to myself "oh, I have at least 30 minutes", life laughs in my face and our son cuts his nap short. Ha! Like I'm the one in control here. Life with a one year old. It's always an adventure. You never know what each hour, or even minute, is going to throw at you.

In the spirit of running out of time and trying to get to a waking baby before the screaming begins, here is a photo dump of our life lately.

overlooking downtown Phoenix atop South Mountain

"I'm 1 year old, and I'll throw my cup if I want to..."

Mother's Day

Mother's Day with my boys

this boy and his car.....

action shot... forget trying to get this boy to hold still for a second

I swear if I ever have a few minutes to spare, I'll share some deeper thoughts one of these days. Until then, I'll be picking up trucks and dishing out pieces of bananas and raisins for snacks.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm so glad to see when you've updated your blog! I've actually had a little more time than I thought I would to get some things done while Kelly naps. Now, I'm wondering if I should bother starting a new blog entry now or not! Don't you just love being a mommy!? Our boys have really put into perspective the things that matter most and the things that can wait till later, sometimes much later. Please email me or blog your advise, tips and tricks on flying with a baby! The three of us are flying to Michigan in September (Mackinaw Island here we come)! Kelly will be 9 months when we fly with him, so go ahead, spill, tell me what you know, your like the traveling mommy guru!
    Hugs to ya!
    Rachel (& Kelly too)

  2. Being a mom has been pretty great! It's funny how new things take priority in life... like eating and sleeping. ;-) I think I just might try and write a blog post about traveling with kids. It's quite the experience. I just want to take our little guy everywhere!