Thursday, September 18, 2014

5 Month Catch Up

Our little one is already 5 months old. How on earth did that happen?! It seems like he just grew up overnight. Let me tell you, we've learned a lot in 5 months. He's teaching us new things each and every day. Mostly we've learned about how much love we have for this tiny human being.

2 months -----> 5 months
just like that

Last time I posted, our little one was just 3 months old. I shared some of our favorite must have baby gear items. Some of those opinions have changed a bit over the past couple of months. We still like both carriers but use the Ergo carrier more than the K'tan. The co-sleeper bassinet was also outgrown more quickly than we would have liked. We ended up moving him to his crib around 3 months, because we felt he needed the extra room. You live and you learn.

3 Months

+ first time rolling from back to tummy (see picture above)
+ you started sleeping in your own crib & on your tummy... talk about parental anxiety!
+ laughing and smiling are a couple of your favorite things
+ you roll onto your tummy but get "stuck" there since you don't roll the other way yet

4 Months

+ you have discovered your feet... they're fun to grab onto
+ peekaboo is one of the funnest games ever
+ blowing raspberries is a new discovery
+ you love anything with buttons, and you love to push those buttons
+ light up toys are a favorite as well

5 Months

+ you touch, grab, and feel everything
+ when we call your name, you definitely know we're talking to you
+ you are drawn to the littlest of details... like zippers on bags, buttons, and tags on items
+ we swear you're getting teeth... you are a drool monster and chew on everything!
+ you are starting to get your knees under you, and we think you will crawl in no time
+ eskimo kisses are fun... and mom is taking advantage of your love for those for now

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We can't believe how time has flown!
Speaking of flying, you have already taken two trips on an airplane.
That's a post for another time though.

I can't believe how much more fulfilled our lives have been these past 5 months.
Every day is a new adventure.
We love you, Chase!

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