Friday, December 20, 2013

Cozy Christmas Morning

After quite a long absence from blogging, I've been craving getting back into it. Even if it probably will be slowly. I'm sure I won't be devoting as much time to this blog as I used to, but it would be nice to share some of the happenings around here every now and then. Earlier today I mentioned the news of a baby on the way. My husband and I are so excited!

I took this picture while visiting Michigan in December a few years ago

I can't believe that Christmas is already less than a week away. If there's one time of year I love the most, it just might be Christmas. The Florida weather has taken some of that excitement away, since it's warm enough outside to wear flip flops, but this balmy weather can't take away the joy of Christmas. No way.

This week's Friday's Fancies theme on Long Distance Loving just so
happened to be cozy Christmas, and I couldn't help myself.

Cozy Christmas Morning

All I'd love to do on Christmas morning is wear some cozy pajamas with warm fuzzy slippers and sip coffee next to the tree and a roaring fire. That sounds like a pretty cozy Christmas morning to me. How about you? What does your perfect Christmas morning look like?

White Christmas by The Lower Lights on Grooveshark

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  1. Oh I love those pj's! There's nothing better than a cozy fire.

  2. I always love these posts! Those pieces you found to put together are exactly how I want my house to look like. So cozy. :)
    And I love that picture of the restaurant and wine cellar!
    Hope you're doing well, sweet friend. Miss you. xoxo