Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's In My Beach Bag

Packing a beach bag is simple, but there are a few items I cannot live without for the day. Living in Florida allows us to enjoy summer just about all year long, so I've really honed my beach bag packing skills since moving here. Sometimes we take a car full of stuff to the beach for long days, but I do have a few essential items that are must haves no matter what.

... my must have beach bag items ...

What's In My Beach Bag

7. straw bag  8. striped beach towel

I spent my summers swimming and playing in the lake where I grew up in northern Michigan. Over the years, I experienced my fair share of bad sunburns. Today, I'm aware of my increased risk of skin cancer due to those sunburns. That scares the heck out of me, so I rarely (almost never) set foot outside in the sun without skin protection these days. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip balm with sun protection are all non-negotiable items when it comes to packing my beach bag. A hat helps keep the sun from my already prematurely aged skin. Even though I've had a lot of bad sunburns, today I'm much more proactive when it comes to my skin.

walking along the shore of the Atlantic on South Beach in Miami

Oh, and I always bring along my iPhone for impromptu pictures on the beautiful beach!
I just know that Tory Burch flamingo case would look perfect in my hand
while enjoying the sound of crashing waves. :)

. . : . : . What's in your beach bag? . : . : . .

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  1. I also grew up going to the lake and never used to wear sunscreen, for the ridic fact that I was too lazy. Now I make sure and cover up!

    Great beach accessories. I need that phone case!

  2. That case is AWESOME! I love it. And yes, I've had my share of sunburns too, so I don't leave the house without sunscreen! So important!

  3. Love the dress, by the way. And yes, you need that iphone case! It makes me smile!

  4. A girl after my own heart ;) I miss beach bag packing - counting down the days...bring on September!!!