Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Grew Up in The Mitten

Back in preschool we were taught that Michigan is shaped like a mitten, and that fact is still one of the coolest things I have ever learned about my home state. I kid. There are plenty of great things about Michigan other than its mitten shape, but it is pretty awesome being able to use your hand as a map. When people ask where I'm from, I just point to the tip of my middle finger. Yep. It's that simple.

It's very easy to make the state of Michigan using your hands.
Wearing 'Michigan' mittens makes it even better. (as seen below)

The weather here in Florida dipped into the 50s a few times this week.
The temperatures have been making this Michigan/Colorado girl very happy. It almost felt like fall here this week. Almost. I wasted no time busting out my 'winter' weather clothing like my hats, boots, and of course mittens!

My mom's friend made me these adorable mittens so that I could
represent my football team in style once the temperatures drop a bit. I love them!

How appropriate wearing a pair of 'Michigan' mittens.

Go Blue!
p.s. { did anyone watch them beat that one school last weekend? }


  1. You look SO SO cute and I love your mittens. :)

  2. CUTIE. :) Love the mittens....cute, fun, and functional!

    & is it weird that I didn't know that Michigan was shaped like a mitten? hmmmm. Now I've learned something new! ;)

  3. Ash! You look so so SO pretty! And I totally wish I could come visit you in Florida... this winter weather is just not my cup of tea!

  4. LOVE the gloves :) they look super duper comfy!

  5. You are too cute! You will appreciate the milder weather during the winter! It's cold and wintery, but not absolutely unbearable like up north!!

  6. You are absolutely adorable!! I love those mittens, and love even more that Michigan is shaped like a mitten. Never even realized it before now. Too cute!!