Friday, May 13, 2011

Free Stuff is Good. Pools are great!

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that my husband and I visited an incredible pool in Nevada for free. Yes, completely free entrance to a pool on a hot and sunny day. It was like winning the pool lovers lottery I tell you, and I do love spending time at the pool.

Days before leaving Colorado, I researched casinos that allowed non-hotel guests entrance to their pool. As far as I know, most (there are a few exceptions) Las Vegas casinos require that you are a guest of the hotel in order to enjoy their pool. The researcher in me was discouraged that I had not found a pool we could use as visitors, but my husband saved the day and told me about a casino south of Las Vegas, called the M Resort, that allows people to pay an entrance fee and use their pool. I was sold at "pool". My husband browsed the M Resort website and found that women over 21 get into the pool for free, and men pay a fairly small entrance amount ($10-15) to use the pool. Upon arriving at the pool entrance, the employees told us that the entire weekend was free for everyone, men and women. I mean, combining free and pools is like winning the lottery twice! Needless to say, we were pretty happy with our free day at the pool, which actually turned out to be not so free after a couple buckets of beer and some lunch. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

We relaxed at the M Resort infinity edge pool for most of the afternoon. The lack of crowds was a very pleasant surprise, and the deejay-mixed music created a fun pool atmosphere. Food and drink prices were surprisingly reasonable for Vegas standards too. We expected higher prices, but it's possible they are more competitive since the location is a far enough distance south of The Strip. Too bad their room prices seemed a bit high, because my husband and I agreed that we wouldn't mind staying at the M Resort over a Las Vegas strip resort some time. Our day at the M Resort pool was a nice way to start off our time in Nevada together.

I'll leave you with some pictures
from our day at the M Resort:

Happy Friday blog friends!


  1. Woah!!! That pool is beautiful!!!!!!! How awesome!!

    I say this all the time but you are so gonna love the St Pete lifestyle!!!

    You are so cute. Lets be bffs? Deal?! ;)

  2. I love the palm trees :) I awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award on my blog. Check it out!

  3. love all the pics... looks like a wonderful time... yaya for free entrance! you know i LOVE anything FREE! :)

  4. gorgeous pool! lucky girl, you have that skin that tans so easily :)

  5. I love free things! That pool looks amazing! And that color on your toes = fabulous.

  6. We stayed at the M on Saturday night! My aunt and uncle live 10 min from there and that's their local casino. Since it was my 30th birthday they treated us to a night at the M. It's awesome! So funny you were there too!

  7. Sweet deal. Will you get to go to Vegas often with his job? It's great your getting to know the secret hotspots to visit.

  8. Awww How fun, girlie! I love your nail polish color (: I'd die to be there with you right about now!

  9. OK, yeah. And SUPER jealous about this little trip to the pool in Vegas. I've been begging to go to Vegas for ages, and my parents never too me... haha! Just for the pretty weather, nice hotels and pools. :) These pics remind me of how much I REALLY need to keep begging. lol!


    And that always happens, doesn't it? They let you into the pool for free, but basically make you buy food, supplies, drinks, etc. Eh, well. Still beautiful!

  10. The pool is nice! I love the pic of the feet! lol! :)