Monday, November 15, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Yesterday the Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs, and I was thrilled! The past few weeks have been tough for Denver fans, and this was a much needed win. I know that Nate was happy with the Bronco's victory too, even though he missed out on attending the game due to being called in to work. There's that unpredictable pilot schedule we've been missing. (He was basically just short of fuming!) To make matters worse, I told him that he missed out on a stealth bomber flyover to boot. Even though there was much reason to celebrate, there was a little bitterness to that sweet for him missing the Bronco's win.

 I took my friend Laura in Nate's place

The Broncos started out strong this week, scored first, and continued working hard until the end of the game. I'm not sure that any professional team should just give up (or be forced to let up for the sake of not "running up the score" and humiliating the other team) when they're ahead, because you never know when you'll lose a lead... and the game. It's happened to the best teams. It's not necessarily considered running up the score if your team just plays like crap and the other team plays well.... is it?

Previously forecasted snow stayed away for the game

 Even Tim Tebow scored a couple TDs

Incredible view of the Rockies

If there was one person who had a really crappy night, it was the Kansas City coach, Todd Haley. After the game, he refused to shake Josh McDaniel's hand, pointed and shook his finger at Josh while saying something, and walked away. Not sure I've seen that before, and people can only speculate what Haley said. He's not telling.

(source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Last time I checked, many football teams beat their opponents by 20 points or more. As embarrassing as this is, the Broncos lost to the Raiders 59-14 a few weeks ago. The coaches still shook hands after that game.

Even though the Chiefs coach made headlines with his bad attitude, there sure were a lot of happy people last night. In football... when one team loses, another team wins. Even when you lose, the way you can win is by at least being a good sport about it. Maybe Haley was just trying to create drama and motivation for his players when they play the Broncos again in a few weeks? The world may never know. 

Go Broncos!!


  1. Great photos of the game! Thanks again, I'm glad we had such a nice day!

  2. I love your blog too.....You and your husband are too cute!