Saturday, May 29, 2010

Winning the Travel Game

I love love love to travel.

Nate and I both have traveled to some great places, and I hope we visit many great places together in the future. I loved visiting Europe and taking in all of the culture and experiences. Nate may have different travel goals than I do, but I think we can come to some agreements when it comes to future travel destinations.

I've accumulated a little list of places I think we could both enjoy....

1. Hawaii

* Nate has been there, and I want to go there. He liked it and would like to go again. Double whammy! We both win... what more could we ask for?

* I have never heard anyone say they didn't like Hawaii.

* I've always wanted to have someone ask me what I did in Hawaii, and then I
would answer most appropriately that "I got lei'd in Hawaii"! Do they even lei people there upon arrival at the airport anymore? (yes, I am a "grown up")

* Luau!! After watching Hawaiians prepare for a luau on the travel channel, I've really wanted to eat roasted pig and traditional Hawaiian foods! Yesssss please. Not to mention I'd love to learn to do the luau... and I made a grass skirt out of yarn once. (I was probably about 8 years old) I've always wanted to wear a coconut top with a grass skirt.

* The sheer beauty of the land, people, ocean, etc...

2. Vals, Switzerland

* I've been there and would love to share it with my husband.

* The thermal baths! Probably one of the most beautiful settings and relaxing experiences I have ever had in my life. (Besides one other place in Switzerland, Verzasca Valley, where I sat next to a river for hours just enjoying the clean air and rushing water sound!)

* You can't really tell from the first picture, but there's an outdoor pool at the thermal baths that has some breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. One
can't help but feel incredibly blessed to be sitting outside taking in the sun at a location like that.

* Being immersed in the perfect temperature of water in a cave-like setting. Just sounds interesting doesn't it?

* Not to mention that you have to take multiple trains to get to Vals... I love train rides! We would literally be in the middle of nowhere. No crazy distractions or crowded streets. Aaaahh. Are you relaxed yet?

And... last... but not least:

3. Dublin, Ireland

* Culture, history, and beer... oh my! Dublin would be a fantastic spot for two beer and history lovers. Guinness, Guinness!

* Pubs - we both like a chill environment and aren't much into fancy bars or clubs. Pubs are great for laid back beer drinkin' and hanging out!

* Castles! Not to mention the history alone would be amazing to experience, but I bet they have some great haunted castles too.

* Neither of us have been to Ireland, so we could both share the new experience together. Yay! Don't you feel all warm inside now? :)


So those are three places on my travel wish list that I think both of us would enjoy. We could probably add someplace tropical eventually. We would both love a secluded beach spot too. I'm thinking St. Lucia... or St. John... yeah. There are so many places to visit, and not enough time for all of it! Our travel needs just may change with time, but I think this is a pretty good start.

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